How to benefit from free or reimbursed psy support?

How to benefit from free or reimbursed psy support?

Federal Ministers David Clarinval (MR) and Franck Vandenbroucke (sp. a), respectively in charge of the Self-Employed and Health, have launched support for the self-employed in distress: a free helpline (0800/300.25) as well as 8 free sessions with the psychologist. For the self-employed who need these sessions, the easiest way is to get in touch via the helpline.

This project also relies on the vigilance of accountants, bankers, or social secretariats who detect signs of psychological ill-being in a self-employed person. In this case, they could alert the hotline, which will call on an ASBL of independent psychologists.

Independents struggling with legal and administrative problems will be sent back to UCM, Sogepa, or Unizo, for example.

Supplementary mutual insurance

This scheme is in addition to that set up by mutual insurance companies, which have already been offering financial interventions for sessions with the psychologist, as part of their complementary insurance. To meet the increased needs linked to the coronavirus crisis, most mutuals have also increased their reimbursements in this area since the beginning of 2021.

And all also have social services which provide help with administrative procedures or direct their members to other competent professionals.

A brief non-exhaustive overview, to give examples.

A benefit you have to ask for!

The advantages (financial interventions) of supplementary insurance are not granted automatically. It is, therefore, necessary to be aware of their existence and to request them by filling in forms – available online – which must generally be completed by the service provider.

These benefits are capped (maximum number of sessions per year, maximum amount, single intervention, etc.) and subject to certain restrictions (recognized service providers must be consulted, appearing on a list). Find out.

To the Christian mutuality psychological care benefits from the intervention of up to 15 euros per session with recognized service providers, with a maximum of 2,540 euros per year. This also applies to sexological, neuropsychological, and eating disorder consultations, for each member in the event of multiple sessions.

Up to 320

euros per year

At Partenamut, all members are entitled to reimbursement of up to 320 euros, for 16 sessions per year and 20 euros per session with a psychologist.

In the context linked to the Covid, “we intend to draw particular attention to the new services in terms of Mental Health and of sport“, says Véronique De Keyser, PR Manager at Partnership. All members can enjoy a refund of up to 320 euros for 16 sessions per year and 20 euros per session but also for 5 sessions on the listening and support line, by phone or video.

At Solaris (Socialist Mutual Fund), consultations with the psychologist are reimbursed up to 240 euros per year. “The social service employees listen to you, support you, and accompany you. If necessary, they direct you to a specialized service.” A free service.

Neutral Mutuality reimburses up to 180 euros per year (from date to date), and up to 15 euros per session based on a medical prescription. The treatment must be carried out by a graduate in psychology. Furthermore, “assistants can help you to solve your administrative, legal, psychological, family or other difficulties. They listen to you, inform you, advise you and accompany you in your various steps”, we read on the site.

To the Liberal Mutuality (Mutplus. be: Brussels-Capital, Walloon Brabant, Hainaut-West, Flemish Brabant):
the adults benefit from an intervention of 10 euros per session from a psychologist or psychotherapist (60 euros max per calendar year) and 60% of the price of one mindfulness meditation class (60 euros max per calendar year)​.​
young people are entitled to 20 euros per session with a psychologist or psychotherapist (120 euros max per calendar year) and 60% of the price of one mindfulness meditation course (120 euros max per calendar year).​​
It is possible to combine, but the intervention will remain limited to 120 euros per calendar year.

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