How to configure your new computer?

How to configure your new computer?

Following the health crisis and its many consequences on education (but also on our modes of communication), the demand for a new computer or a used laptop has experienced a real explosion since the first confinement.

Besides, your child is tired of using his smartphone or tablet to make “Teams” too. Except that he is with his friends.

And on your side, you don’t particularly want to lend him your professional new computer, whether for his short videoconference sessions or for school work.

Would miss more that he surfs on an illicit site or that he downloads malicious software and that you then grab yourself a slew of viruses. Or even worse: pop-up ads that flash all over the place every time you open your web browser. The anguish!

Good salesman for your new computer

It’s decided, that he will have his bike. And that’s where the anxiety continues. When you had found a decent laptop (and at an equally decent price) and thought you were heading to the checkout, a salesman from the appliance chain harps on you and warns you: “You are equipped with Windows 10, but you will still have to buy the Office suite to access Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.”

You tell him that you will use Google’s free services. He replies that it is not possible and he adds that you should buy paid antivirus software to be sufficiently protected and that in addition, you can benefit from a very useful parental control option especially if you intend your purchase for a child.

That’s very nice, but you don’t necessarily need to follow his advice and spend several hundred euros more! As explained above, this is a “salesperson” and their job is to sell you (products and services) in addition to those for which you traveled. Besides, he probably tried to give you a guarantee in case your new computer should fall into the water. But, honestly, all these surpluses are not necessarily necessary.

New computer System update

On the other hand, when you turn on your new computer (purchased new or used), there is a step to take which is more than necessary: ​​update the operating system.

When you turn on your new computer for the first time, start by checking for operating system updates.

In fact, between the time Windows 10 was installed on the new computer and the time you turn it on for the first time, it may have been weeks or even months. It is therefore imperative to proceed with this update, just after having connected it to the internet.

In practice, click on the Windows logo (the Start menu) at the bottom left of your screen, then click on the small toothed wheel (the Settings menu). You will see that there is an Updates & Security menu. Check in the Windows Update menu if it is up to date. If it’s not the case, take the time it will take, but update your machine.


By default, Windows 10 has built-in protection complete continuously and in real-time against software threats such as viruses, malware, and spyware in emails and applications, in the cloud, and on the web: Microsoft Defender Antivirus (AMD).

Cédric, a new computer scientist for 20 years in a high school, no longer installs any other antivirus on his computers since Windows is equipped with this protection. “It is more than enough.”

By default, Windows 10 includes complete antivirus protection.

“But be careful, when you buy a new computer, AMD may not be activated, because the manufacturer has preferred to put you instead a trial version of a paid antivirus (for example McAfee or Kaspersky). Uninstall it and re-enable AMD.”

This is also found in the Updates & Security menu. Then click on Windows Security. You will see, moreover, that in Family Options, Windows offers you a parental control service. It allows for example to manage time slots, time limits, lists of authorized or prohibited sites, etc.

If you wish, you can always use another antivirus. “According to the independent laboratory AV-TEST, whose last comparison dates back to February 2021, there are other free antiviruses just as valid as AMD“, explains Olivier Bogaert, commissioner of the Belgian Federal Judicial Police and cybercrime expert. This is particularly the case for the free version of Avast.


If you don’t want to spend 149 euros for an Office Family license or if you don’t want to subscribe to Microsoft 365 Family (99 euros/year) or Personal (69 euros/year), know that you can of course use free solutions (contrary to what the seller told you).

LibreOffice is a reliable, free, and complete office suite.

There is in particular LibreOffice. It’s about a reliable, free, and complete office suite.

If you have a Google account you can of course use Docs, Sheets, and Slides for freeGoogle’s office suite is available online.

Whether you have a Microsoft account in this case you can also have free access to the online version of its office suite (Office Online). In this case, your files will be saved in your OneDrive space (Microsoft’s online storage service in which each user has a free volume of 5GB).