Immoweb launches into mortgage credit

Immoweb launches into mortgage credit

The essential platform for brick enthusiasts is joining forces with Keytrade Bank to launch its online mortgage loan service.

After the home insurance, the estimate, or the moving assistance, Immoweb tackles online mortgage credit. Alongside the presentation of his brand new website launched in early 2020, the platform, which has become essential for Belgian owners, tenants, sellers, and buyers, announced on Tuesday that it had joined forces with Keytrade Bank in order to offer its Internet users the possibility of taking out a mortgage loan online. The service will be available to users by April 2020, once the application for authorization as a mortgage credit intermediary, which is still in progress, is accepted by the FSMA.

“We chose to collaborate with Keytrade for three reasons: they are the first in Belgium to have approached the world of banking from a digital point of view, they have proven their ability to move the mortgage credit market and, above all, they make it possible to permanently offer hyper-competitive interest rates to our customers”, explains the CEO of Immoweb Valentin Vogels. “We combine Keytrade’s proposals, with a transparent rate, with the strengths of Immoweb.”

“As the leading real estate website in Belgium, Immoweb is a logical partner for Keytrade Bank in order to encourage more Belgians to consider digital alternatives to ‘traditional’ banking”, rejoices Thierry Ternier, CEO of Keytrade Bank, who adds: “With Immoweb, we are able to fundamentally redesign the Belgian real estate and mortgage market for years to come.”

“The credit request is made under exactly the same conditions as on the Keytrade site.” Thomas DeBoe, Head of product management at Keytrade Bank.

How does it work?

In concrete terms, Immoweb users will be able to calculate a mortgage loan suited to their home and immediately take out a loan from Keytrade Bank. “Clients will be able to do a credit simulation on Immoweb and see if it is granted or not, at what rate and under what conditions, then they will be redirected to Keytrade Bank”, explains Thomas De Boe, head of product management at Keytrade Bank. . “Secondly, it will be possible to save your simulations on Immoweb as today you save a property search based on your search criteria”, he adds.

“We facilitate the entire real estate process.” Valentin Cogels, CEO of Immoweb.

Once the search criteria (income, initial contribution, etc.) for a credit application have been recorded, it will be possible to directly consult the amount of the monthly payment credit on subsequent searches, i.e. on property listings.

“The credit request is made under exactly the same conditions as on the Keytrade site. There will therefore be no not possible to negotiate the rate but in return, there are no application fees, no ancillary products or salary domiciliation”, explains Thomas De Boe.

Digitization process

This brand new service offered by Immoweb strengthens its digital offer and is part of a broader approach that consists of playing an increasingly important role in the journey of owners and tenants, to “create a process of commitment”, explains its CEO. The company prepared the ground last June with the creation of its subsidiary Immoweb Financial Services with a share capital of 3 million euros, which concerns the activity of banking intermediary and intermediary in insurance and reinsurance.

“We facilitate the entire real estate process, from the search for a home to the final purchase, including all the services that accompany them (purchase, rental, estimate, management, insurance, and sale”, explains Valentin Cogels, convinced that “the future of real estate goes through Immoweb”.