Where to find the internet and mobile package that suits you?

Mobile subscription: how to find the one that suits you?

like its main competitors, VOO now offers a package that combines an unlimited internet connection and a mobile subscription: DUO NET + MOB.

Its basic version (Relax) amounts to 59 euros per month. For this price, the subscriber has a mobile subscription which includes unlimited calls and texts as well as 15GB of surf volume.

For 10 euros more for version Max (that is 69 euros/month), the subscriber can benefit from a significantly faster Internet connection. In fact, the DUO pack Relaxes allows you to surf at a speed of up to 125 Mbps while the DUO pack Max can achieve download speed up to 400Mbps.


In this way, everyone can surf or stream at high speed, without suffering cuts or slowness, while enjoying impeccable image quality on each connected device (for those who watch the video or those who play Got video games).


As it concerns upload speed (upload), there is also a difference between the two configurations offered by VOO. This can reach 6.5 Mbps with Relax and up to 20 Mbps with Max.

If you tend to spend a lot of (large) files, you’ll always want to go for a faster upload speed.

Is this sufficient for telecommuting and especially for videoconferencing, for example? Yes, because to make video calls in HD, it is recommended to have a speed of at least 1.2 Mbps.

That said, if you tend to upload a lot of (large) files, you’ll still want to go for a faster upload speed.

This is the case if you post lots of pictures regularly on social media, if you use one or more clouds on a regular basis or if you upload videos diligently on platforms like YouTube.


In addition, the new VOO pack makes it possible to take out several mobile subscriptions. For each additional SIM card (maximum 4), it is necessary to count a monthly surplus of 14 euros (for Relax) or 12 euros (for Max).

The volume of mobile data allocated to these additional cards is only 5GB. If needed, it can be increased up to 13 or 30GBfor a monthly supplement of respectively 8 or 22 euros/month.

Mobile subscription target audience

Who is this type of pack for after all? Clearly to “cord-cutters”, i.e. consumers who are willing to watch TV programs via the internet only (notable thanks to the Auvio or RTLplay platforms).

But also to those who have no interest in this type of program and who only prefer to watch content from paid streaming platforms (and without advertising).

In all cases, these consumers, therefore, need an unlimited and fast internet connection.

Mobile subscription competition

Depending on the mobile subscription chosen, and especially the volume of surfing desired (4 choices are possible), the price of the Orange pack varies between 44 euros and 64 euros per month (2 choices are included in the comparative table).

If you choose this operator (which notably offers a mobile subscription with unlimited volume), note that there is a one-time commissioning fee of 49 euros for an internet connection.

In principle, VOO also provides for activation (50 euros) and installation (60 euros) costs, but these are temporarily offered for any subscription until 10 May 2021 inclusive. This operator also offers 3 months of subscription for any online subscription until the same date.

Bonuses included

Some internet and mobile packs sometimes offer bonuses in the form of TV channels or series.

Moreover, its mobile offer is also special: the subscriber benefits from a surfing volume of 40 GB for video and music streaming apps, as well as social media apps. For all other internet uses, it has an additional volume of 4 GB.

There is also a bonus included on Zuny’s sideVOO’s 100% digital offer: access to various series catalogs, here also via an app.

Attention, unlike the competition, Calls and SMS are not unlimited. If it is absolutely necessary, just pay an extra 5 euros per month (i.e. 62 euros/month).



You are at Base and you want to stay with this operator while enjoying an internet connection at home? It’s possible!

Since mid-February, Base subscribers can combine their mobile subscription with Tadaam – a pack that includes internet and television via an app – at a reduced price, which in fact corresponds to a monthly reduction of 5 euros on the amount of the Basic subscription.

For example, for 50 euros per month (without commitment and without fixed costs), the Base subscriber has access to unlimited calls and texts a mobile surfing volume of 3GBan unlimited internet connection (up to 30 Mbps download and upload), access to the Tadaam TV app (which includes more than 30 channels in high definition) and even an Android TV box that includes this app by default (to be connected to television of your choice).


The Tadaam pack includes an Android TV box.

For 10 euros more (i.e. 60 euros/month in total if the subscriber keeps a Base 15 subscription), the speed promised by Tadaam is faster (up to 50 Mbps), while the TV app can be watched simultaneously on three screens at the same time (instead of just one).

Finally, note that if you do not have enough surfing volume with Base15, you can of course take out another subscription with this operator (which also offers a subscription with unlimited surfing volume).