Where to find the best rate to renovate your home?

Where to find the best rate to renovate your home?

Batibouw 2020 is already Saturday (from February 29 to March 8). But what will be the rates offered by the banks for your renovation projects? The answer depends on the nature of your work.

In fact, banks offer two types of renovation loans: the “classic” and the “green”. The latter is always more advantageous than the classic renovation credit. But to obtain it, there is a condition sine qua non to be fulfilled: this loan must be used to finance renovation work intended to save energy.

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According to the banks, however, this condition does not have to be 100% fulfilled. For example, at Axa, customers can benefit from the “[email protected]” tariff (1.59%) if at least 50% of the renovations concern “green investments”. “These are, for example, investments undertaken to insulate the roof, to install double glazing or to install a heat pump”, according to Lisa Pieters, its spokesperson.

Same story on the side of Belfius, which has also extended this rate to other types of investments: “To be able to qualify for the green renovation loan and its advantageous interest rate (1.75%), 50 % of the loan amount at least must be used to save energy in the home and/or to protect it against fire or burglary.”

The average amount borrowed from Belfius for a “green” renovation loan. The average duration is 72 months.

The success of renovation loans

A speech that seems to hit the mark given that several banks agree that renovation loans, like mortgage loans, are on the rise. “Last year, at Belfius, four out of ten renovation loans were taken out to carry out work aimed at saving energy or making homes safer, i.e. no less than seven times more than five years”, according to this bank.

For its part, Axa is also seeing a remarkable development for this type of loan. “Two years ago, at the same time, one in three renovation loans contracted with us was a green loan. Today, the proportion is already almost one in two given that 48% of renovation loans taken out are intended for ecological renovations.

There are seven times more renovation loans than 5 years ago. Both the amount borrowed and the duration have increased slightly over the past 5 years.At BNP Paribas Fortis (which offers a rate of 1.80%), a third of renovation loans are green loans. “We are currently thinking about an even more advantageous offer which will be launched in the coming weeks in order to support our customers in the renovation of their property in order to make it more energy efficient”, specifies Valéry Halloy, its spokesperson.

The best rates

If Beo bank is systematically the bank that offers the best rate for loans during the Motor Show, this is not at all the case for renovation loans during Batibouw. For several years now, Banque CPH is on the first step of the podium while it does not grant special conditions on the occasion of Batibouw. For a renovation loan with a term of 48 months, the rate is 2.29%. For a loan of 48 to 60 months, it goes to 2.39%.

Top 5 “classic” renovation credit

Bank Rate
CPH Bank 2.29%
KBC 2.50%
Axa 2.55%
Crelan 2.59%
Argenta 2.70%*


from 2/03/2020For its green loan, CPH offers a rate of 1.09% (48 months) or 1.19% (from 48 to 60 months)

. Even for a longer term (72 months), its rate remains the lowest on the market: 1.49%.

Top 5 “green” renovation loans Bank
Rate CPH Bank
1.09% CBC, KBC
1.35% Axa, Bpost, Crelan
1.59% Argenta
1.70%* Belfius


from 2/03/2020 Loans at 0%? Find out about regional financing solutions. For owners in Brussels who want to undertake work to improve the energy performance of their homes, there is the Green loan ( from 0% to 2%based on household income).On the Walloon side, there are also 0% loans intended for large families as well as landlords ( the rénopack or the rénoprêt), provided that an audit report is produced beforehand.